• Emma Messner

Updated: May 6, 2020

What do you get for a soon-to-be mama or new mom? If it’s not for the baby shower where most parents have created a registry, there are still opportunities to bless mom with gifts, such as Mother's Day or her birthday. One question that I ponder on around giving a gift to a mom-to-be is, how can I celebrate her and also celebrate the season she is in? I’ve come up with 10 alternative gift-giving ideas for that new-mama in your life which hopefully puts a new spin on gift giving!

1. Cleaning Service | The last detail most new moms want to think about when they have a baby is cleaning the house. Sure, this is where relatives and friends can shine when they come over to see the new baby. They can lend a hand putting a load of dishes on or sweeping the floor (which I highly recommend, friends of mamas!) But for some moms, an unkept house brings a lot of anxiety. This is true for me. If my house gets to a certain point of dirtiness, I feel a loss of control, and with that comes a lot of anxiety. Take the pressure off mom and buy her a gift certificate to a cleaning service for when after the baby is born.

2. Meal Delivery Services | Meal trains are great, but they tend to trickle off, and then the new parents are left to figure out food as they are still navigating early parenthood. When you gift the new parents a subscription to a meal delivery service, it extends the days they don’t have to think about meal planning. Some popular meal delivery options are Hello Fresh and Home Chef. Another option is to purchase an Uber gift card for the new parents to redeem.

3. Spa Gift Card | There’s nothing like spending the day at the spa. Find out her go-to place and buy a gift certificate there. This gift is recommended for pregnant mothers to ease discomfort and relieve stress. The reality with new mothers is that they may have a hard time leaving their little one to go to the spa. They may be unable to be away from their little one for long due to breastfeeding, so I would only recommend this one specifically for the pregnant mom in your life.

4. Audio Book or Credits | This is SO great for moms who love to read. This provides mom the ability to listen to her favorite book while she breastfeeds late at night, or when she needs a sense of normalcy in her reading routine, even though her routine looks different than it used to. Audio books are such a great option for busy moms. Find out if she already uses a particular software where you can buy her credits. Otherwise, there are many subscription services available such as Audible (what I use), Audio Books, and Scribd.

5. Birth Doula | If you know me, you know I’m going to promote birth doulas any opportunity I can! If she hasn’t given birth yet, find out if she plans to have a doula and then find out if her insurance company covers a doula or not (by the way, HSA covers doulas for my American friends who have a Health Savings Account.) If she doesn't have an HSA, she will most likely be paying for her doula out-of-pocket. This gift won't be much of a surprise; hiring a right doula is a very personal decision and you will want to talk with her about it, first, but it would be so meaningful. Doulas range from about $600-$1200, so you will need to find out what doula she wants to hire, and then possibly come together with other friends or family as a combined gift. Trust me - she’ll thank you! To find a doula, go to doulamatch.net.

6. Postpartum Doula | A postpartum doula is trained in the stages of a mother’s journey after her baby is born. Doulas assess breastfeeding and newborn care, educate the new parents, and provide resources and referrals. Some postpartum doulas may provide light housework and baby care, but these types of services vary between doulas. Postpartum doulas range from around $25/hr-$40/hr. If you are local to Whatcom County, I would love to talk to you about my postpartum services!

7. Lactation Specialist Gift Card | Giving the gift of professional lactation services provides the new mom an opportunity to build a solid breastfeeding foundation. Even if mom isn’t having any breastfeeding issues, all moms can benefit from a lactation specialist. To preemptively encourage and practically support the mother in her journey communicates a high level of support that is beneficial for all nursing mothers. If you or your new-mama friend reside in Whatcom County, I am available for lactation services and would love to have a conversation about what I can offer. Please email me at emma@pnwpregnancy.com to find out more information.

8. Childbirth Education Gift Card | Prenatal classes are beneficial because the soon-to-be parents learn about what labor and birth is like, and education leads to empowerment. An empowered mother educated in what decisions are available, and the risks and benefits of those decisions lead to a more satisfying birth outcome. Send me an email at emma@pnwpregnancy.com for more information on evidence-based childbirth education.

9. Diaper Service | This is a great option to gift to a mom using cloth diapers. Consider looking into a diaper laundering service to help the new mom lighten the load for a little while as she navigates the transition. These services may be hard to find, especially in smaller cities like Bellingham. If there is a cloth diaper laundering service in your area, it’s worth checking out!

10. Laundry Service | If I don't have to think about laundry the month after I give birth, I would be SO grateful! If you have a mom in your life that is anything like me in that respect, you'll do her a solid by gifting her laundry service!

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